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Caring for your Pearls

Taking proper care of your Pearls, They should last a lifetime and handed down to the next  generation. Pearls are very Porous, Pearls will absorb any thing it comes into contact with, making the Pearls Loose its Luster, and start to wear through the nacre.

All Perfumes and Hairsprays should be put on before the Pearls on, and given ample time to dry before the Pearls are put on. Pearls should be re strung, about every year if the thread is worn.  

Tahitian Black Pearl

Tahitian South Sea Pearls , come in all Shades of Black and Gray Pearls, and even some White Pearls, Tahitian Pearls, range in Sizes  of 9MM to 18mm  18mm Being a rare size.

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